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BOWWOW - 韓國無穀物全齡軟質貓乾糧 - 羊肉+雞肉 (1.2kg - 300g*4包)


・Improves Skin & Fur conditions

・Supports Cardiovascular Health

・Easier to Digest

・Strengthen Joint & Cartilage with Glucosamine and Chondroitin

・Improves Immunity

・Balanced Nutrition 80% – Lamb & Chicken (over 30% fresh meat)

・20% – Fruit, Vegetable & Functional Ingredients

・0% – Soybean, Corn, Wheat Rice & Gluten (Grain-Free)

Net Weight : 1.2kg (300g*4bags)

Made in Korea 

BOWWOW – Korea GreenChew TWINS for Dog


・Effectively help clean teeth and teeth, remove and prevent tartar.

・Contains chlorophyll to help keep breath fresh.

・Improves Skin & Fur conditions.

・Strengthen Joint & Cartilage with Glucosamine.

Size(length):S=7cm   L=10cm 

Made in Korea 

Mr. Shoes – Harness-Raincoat


・Suitable for all weather and keep the dog clean and fresh. 

・PU elastic shell and DTM plaid fabric. Looks fashion. 

・Two elastics on the back legs to keep the coat fit well on the body. 

・Multiple humanized design–Harness function combined with Raincoat. 

*Order on request within 14 days after payment

Petime - Whale Pet Water Fountain


・2-way free fall. 

・2 drinking areas. 

・Ultra-fine pore filtration sponge filtration to keep the water clean. 

・It is recommended to clean the water machine at least once a week and to replace the cotton filter every 2 months.

Size :18.5*18.5*14(h)cm