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Natruse - Bamb Bone Dental Chews (Grain Free) - Mint

  • Add bamboo shoots to improve bad breath and intestinal health problems.
  • Bamboo style, novel and bite resistant.
  • Mint/blueberry flavor, dog loves to eat.
S - 600g (21.1oz) =(10g/pc,60pc/pack)
M -  900g (31.7oz) =(30g/pc,30pcs/pack)
L  -  640g (22.5oz) =(80g/pc, 8pcs/pack)
***【Best before:18/9/2020】***
Made in China

Natruse - Bamb Bone Dental Chews (Grain Free) - Blueberry


Officinalis - Italian Ice Cream for Dogs - FRESH PEAR【Expiry date:25/12/2019】


An ice cream bowl contains 120g.

It is like two scoops of ice cream (60g).

・100% fresh fruit

・Rich in moisturizing mineral salts

・Without milk derivatives

・Vegan and vegetarian

**This product does not need to be pre-frozen, just need to be stored before use.**

How to use:

Mousse:put in the fridge for about 3 hours.

Ice-cream:put in the freezer for about 3 hours.

Packing Spec: 120g

Country of Origin Italy