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BOWWOW - 韓國無穀物全齡軟質貓乾糧 - 羊肉+雞肉 (1.2kg - 300g*4包)


・Improves Skin & Fur conditions

・Supports Cardiovascular Health

・Easier to Digest

・Strengthen Joint & Cartilage with Glucosamine and Chondroitin

・Improves Immunity

・Balanced Nutrition 80% – Lamb & Chicken (over 30% fresh meat)

・20% – Fruit, Vegetable & Functional Ingredients

・0% – Soybean, Corn, Wheat Rice & Gluten (Grain-Free)

Net Weight : 1.2kg (300g*4bags)

Made in Korea 

Dr. Harvey's Veg-To-Bowl


Grain-Free Dog Food Premix


  • Is easy- Just add water, meat and oil
  • Is natural with vitamins and minerals and uses the finest dehydrated and freeze-dried vegetables.
  • Is free of all preservatives and additives, coloring agents and dyes.
  • Is free of sugar and salt.

Made in the USA

ARTEMIS - Japan AGARx Agaricus I/S Small Grain All ages Dogs Food


Agaricus EF-2001・Glucosamine・Chondroitin・Salmon oil combination
It is a premium food which carefully considered the immunity and self-healing ability that dogs have originally. Contains the topic of Agaricus salmon. It is a gem recommended for those who are thinking about the health of your dog also from eating habits.
***【Expiry date:19/4/2020】***

Country of Origin United States of America