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BOWWOW - 韓國無穀物全齡軟質貓乾糧 - 羊肉+雞肉 (1.2kg - 300g*4包)


・Improves Skin & Fur conditions

・Supports Cardiovascular Health

・Easier to Digest

・Strengthen Joint & Cartilage with Glucosamine and Chondroitin

・Improves Immunity

・Balanced Nutrition 80% – Lamb & Chicken (over 30% fresh meat)

・20% – Fruit, Vegetable & Functional Ingredients

・0% – Soybean, Corn, Wheat Rice & Gluten (Grain-Free)

Net Weight : 1.2kg (300g*4bags)

Made in Korea 

GREENIES - 貓貓潔齒餅 - 烤雞味


・The unique shape helps the cat clean teeth and flesh. 

・ Contains chlorophyll to help keep your breath fresh. 

・Nutrition is rich in minerals, vitamins and natural oatmeal. 

・Each piece is less than 2 calories. 

・ Suitable for cats weighing more than 5 pounds. 

・100% natural, without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. 

Net Weight:5.5oz. (156g)

NISSHIN-PET - Caratmix Cat Food (Hairball Control) (For 11 years old) ( - 2.7kg (450g*6 pack)


・Contains nutrients needed for cats every day.

・Inhibition of hairball formation by combining two kinds of dietary fibers.

・Add herbs, oligosaccharides & Beta Glucan β- to maintain gastrointestinal health.

・Magnesium content was adjusted for urinary tract health.

***【Expiry date:9/2020】***

Packing Spec: 450g*6 pack

Country of Origin: Japan