PILOU - Repellent Spot-on Kitten

Insect repellent action to prevent bites and therefore allergic phenomena.

Packing Spec 0.6ml X 3pcs

Made in France


  • 保安政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 保安政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)
  • 送貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 送貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)
  • 退貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 退貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)

Spot on combine the repellent properties of Geraniol, Lavandula and Icaridine, It is proven to repel effectievely fleas, ticks, flies and sandflies, Dosis and Instructions for use: 1 Spot-on of 0.6ml. Turn the spot-on cap on. Remove hair between shoulder blades and drop all the spot-on directly on skin. 

Avoid contact with fingers, effective up to 4 weeks against fleas and ticks, and effective against sandflies up to 70% two weeks after application. The delay of action may vary depending on the environment and coat type. Act immediately, in case of re-infestation, repeat the treatment without exceeding one application per week. Renew treatment as soon as parasites appear. Safety instruction: Contains Linalool, Linalyl, Acetate, Geraniol, Eucalyptol, May produce an allergic reaction,

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