PILOU - Repellent Collar-Cat

Insect repellent action to prevent bites and therefore allergic phenomena.

Made in France


  • 保安政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 保安政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)
  • 送貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 送貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)
  • 退貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 退貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)

PILOU collars use the repellent properties of two active ingredients: Geraniol, Lavandula and Icaridine. They repel fleas, ticks, sandflies and mosquitoes.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Remove the collar from the pouch and fasten it around your dog's neck: a correct fitting will enable two fingers to be comfortably inserted between the collar and the neck. Any excess length of collar beyond the buckle should be cut off and disposed of. This collar does not need to be removed when the animal is being bathed as repelling activity remains unaffected by water. Leave in place until the collar's effective life is expired. Works immediately - replace every 4 months if re-infestation with fleas or ticks is a risk.

CAUTION: Do not use this collar to attach or hold the cat. Do not use on kitten under 4 months. This collar has a security system enabling it to break in case of accidental hanging. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: Contains LINALOOL, LINALYL ACETATE, GERANIOL, EUCALYPTOL. May produce an allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children.

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