Petsuperpet - Tofu Cat Litter - 18Liter/pack

Juicy Peach Flavor/Original Classic/Green Tea Flavor 

・Coagulation power is strong.
・Low dust design will not cause damage to the human body and the cat's respiratory tract.
・Lightweight design is more convenient than bentonite and can be flushed directly into the toilet.
・Can be directly decomposed in nature without causing environmental pollution.

Packing Spec: 18L
  • Green Tea Flavor
  • Original Classic
  • Juicy Peach Flavor

  • 保安政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 保安政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)
  • 送貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 送貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)
  • 退貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 退貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)

Excellent deodorization Remove the odor immediately to keep the nice home environment.

Quick clamping Good clamping effect make cleaning work easy and happy.

Eco-friendly Clamping litter can be dissolved into water quickly, so flushable in the toilet; it can also be used for gardening fertilizer, no waste at all. 

Food grade raw materialsAll ingredients are food grade, not harmful even eaten by cat. 

High water absorption, less consumption More than 2 times water absorption of own weight, 4 times more than normal bentonite cat litter.

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