Pet Froh - Belgium Selected Ocean Fish for Kitten (Grain Free) - 1.8kg

High-energy nutrition, suitable for kittens, cats during pregnancy and lactation,

and fish added >40% (fresh salmon 15%).

・Strengthens the immune system

・Health Intestinal Flora

・Healthy Shin & Shiny coat

・Natural plant fibers reduce hairball formation

・Ph 6.0-6.5

***【Expiry date:15/5/2020】***

Country of Origin : Belgium


  • 保安政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 保安政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)
  • 送貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 送貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)
  • 退貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 退貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)

Pet Froh
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