NISSHIN-PET - Carat Tuna Fish Mixed Cat Food (Hairball Control) - 2.7kg (450g*6 pack)

・Specially added anti-urinary and hairball control formula.

・Enriched vitamins and dietary fiber.

・Contains beta glucan to maintain cat health.

・Suitable for cats more than six months.

***【Expiry date:31/8/2020】***

Country of Origin: Japan


・Please store the product in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight, and eat it as soon as possible after opening.
Main raw materials:
cereal corn, wheat flour, corn gluten meal, meat (meat meal, chicken powder, chicken breast), rice flour, tuna fish meal, salmon oil (animal), oils (animal oil, evening primrose oil), soybeans, beets, pulp, Cellulose powder, oligosaccharides, vegetables (carrot powder, spinach powder, pumpkin powder), β-glucan, brewer's yeast, milk calcium, glucosamine, rosemary, basil, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium) , copper, iron, zinc, zinc, manganese, iodine), vitamins (A / D / E / K / B 1 / B2 / B 6 / pantothenic acid / niacin / folic acid / Colin), amino acids (methionine / taurene) Acid), edible yellow No. 5, edible yellow No. 4, edible green color No. 1, edible red No. 3, edible red No. 102, antioxidant (rosemary extract)
Nutrient content:
Crude protein > 23.4%
Crude fat > 8.1%
Crude fiber < 8.0%
Rough ash < 9%
Moisture < 10%
Food fiber 8.0% (standard value)
Magnesium 0.12% (standard value)
Calories 330kcal/100g
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