My Intelligent Cats – Cat’s SUDOKU® (Basic Edition) Interactive Toy

・Development and manufacturing of My Intelligent Cats® in Austria


・Game specifications: 4 grids & 3 doors

・Game goal:move the sliding door to find rewards

・Training focus:sixth sense, smell, brain training

Size :   15.5*15.5*3(h)cm

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  • 保安政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 保安政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)
  • 送貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 送貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)
  • 退貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯) 退貨政策(用客戶保證模塊編輯)

・Use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to verify wood, a safe and harmless water-based coating.

・Cleaning method: Wipe with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly immediately. Place it in a ventilated place and blow dry.

How it works:

Step 1

Place treats in slots under the pieces of the game board.

Step 2

Encourage your cat to move the pieces and find his reward.

Step 3

Praise your cat each time he moves a piece and discovers a hidden treat.


Play with your cat and encourage him to solve the task. Stay calm, be patient and continue to explain the game to your cat until he understands it.

Do not let your cat play unsupervised and intervene when he starts to bite the game.

Let your dog play with the game no longer than 10 minutes, otherwise he might lose his interest in the game. Distract him with something else and put the game away for a little while.

If you have repeatedly noticed that your cat can easily solve the game, increase the difficulty from “Basic” to “Advanced” or “Expert”.

A few days break from Cat’s SUDOKU® and playing with other games from My Intelligent Cats® games collection will let your cat enjoy the SUDOKU game anew each time you give it to him.

Please use only dry treats.


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