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Active filters

Bama – Italy Doghouse Bungalow


・100% recyclable and added with anti UV not to fade under the sun.

・Plastic doghouse in resin with removable base to allow a more comfortable cleaning.

・Adjustable roof in two position for a better airy.

・Easy and fast to assemble without tools thanks to the simple joint system.

・Made in Italy

Size  :    M : 89*75*62(h) cm        L : 110*94*77(h) cm

Petime – Self-filling Pet Water Bowl


・2 liters Large Capacity.

・Eco-friendly Energy-saving, No battery or electricity required.

・Water level always keep in the most comfortable position.

・Hidden water storage design.

・Activated Carbon Filter – One-way filtering, keep the water clean.

・Visual window for easily seeing water level.

・Rubber anti-slip pad at the bottom, hard to tip over.

Size :27*27*11(h)cm