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PROTECT-A-COAT Oil with Sunscreen– The Ultimate in Maintenance Conditioning

Protect-A-Coat is an oil conditioner that we use to condition and protect the coat and restore elasticity to damaged coats. Protect-A-Coat is also used as a preventative treatment to preserve and protect coats that are in good condition.

FOOLEE – France Easee for Cat


Comes with 2 interchangeable blades:

・Gentle combing:White blade

・Intensive/shedding:Black blade

・Can reversible to handle fine or thick coats

・Suitable for sensitive skins and fragile coats

・Easy to use, Quick and effective removal of dead hair

Scrubby - USA Rinse Free Bath Mitten for Pet


・Great for Pet Bathing, Pet Grooming, and Pet Washing!
・Simple to Use - Just Lather, Wipe, Dry!
・Excellent for Sensitive Skin.
・The Ideal Pet Wipes For Bathing Your Pet Dog and Cat.
・Good for 2-4 baths or 20’s of touch ups*.

*Each mitten can be used multiple times!Number of uses per mitten varies with size of pet and coat type.

Packing Spec: W152 x H231mm

Country of Origin: Israel