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Dr. Harvey's Veg-To-Bowl (Fine Ground)


Grain-Free Dog Food Premix

  • Veg-to-Bowl:
  • Is easy- Just add water, meat and oil
  • Is natural with vitamins and minerals and uses the finest dehydrated and freeze-dried vegetables.
  • Is free of all preservatives and additives, coloring agents and dyes.
  • Is free of sugar and salt.

Made in the USA

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Petsuperpet - Tofu Cat Litter- 18Liter/packX3


Juicy Peach Flavor/Original Classic/Green Tea Flavor 

・Coagulation power is strong.
・Low dust design will not cause damage to the human body and the cat\'s respiratory tract.
・Lightweight design is more convenient than bentonite and can be flushed directly into the toilet.
・Can be directly decomposed in nature without causing environmental pollution.

Packing Spec: 18L