Pet Village Adult Rabbits Fortified Daily Diet 1000g

  • Suitable for all age rabbits
  • Vitamins help boost the immune system, improve urine odor, help soften and brighten hairCellulose and yeast can help the digestive systemMinerals and calcium, health teeth and bonesAdd a variety of fresh vegetables, fruit pastures and cerealsRich in vitamins, it can promote appetite, help digestion and absorption, improve the smell of excrement, and strengthen the immunity to bacteria
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O-mega3 can make hair beautiful and healthy
A variety of fiber can improve gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote hair ball discharge
Rich in carotene to prevent dry skin
Appropriate calcium-phosphorus ratio to provide strong bones

Main ingredient
Wheat bran, sunflower meal, wheat, oats, beans, tortillas, peanuts, alfalfa, palm kernel flakes, corn, beet pulp, bean flakes, corn kernels, barley, molasses, diced carrots, sodium chloride, vitamins , Calcium carbonate, papaya, pineapple, cantaloupe, mango, guava, kiwi, strawberry, sucrose, citric acid, sodium metabisulfite.
Vitamin A 7219 IE/kg, Vitamin D3 1127 IE/kg, Vitamin E 24.7 mg/kg, Copper 20.23 mg/kg, Lysine 0.52%, Iron 97.42 mg/kg,
Manganese 24.22 mg/kg, zinc 62.67 mg/kg, iodine 0.06 mg/kg, selenium 0.15 mg/kg.
Nutritional composition and content
Protein 13.91%, crude fiber 10.7%, crude ash 4.74%, fat 3.28%.
Applicable objects and recommended feeding
All age rabbit.
Rabbit body weight <500g 0.5-1kg 1-1.5kg + 2kg
Recommended feeding amount 30g 60g 100g 120g
preservation method
In order to maintain the highest quality, please store in a cool and dry place, and fold the top of the bag to avoid direct sunlight, please eat as soon as possible after opening.
Net weight and origin
Net weight: 1 kg ±5%.
Origin: Netherlands.

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