Pet Village Guinea Pigs Fortified Daily Diet 800g

  • Suitable for all-age guinea pigs
  • Carefully formulated for guinea pigs, complete and balanced nutrition, good taste
  • Add O-mega3 and O-mega6 to protect healthy skin and bright hair
  • Maintain gastrointestinal health and strengthen absorption capacity
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Vitamins help boost the immune system, improve urine odor, help soften and brighten hair

Fiber can help the digestive system

Mineral and calcium health care teeth and bones are balanced and complete

Add high-nutrition peanuts and sunflower seeds, and vitamin C, comprehensive nutritional supplement

Helps healthy teeth and digestive system

Vitamin E promotes blood circulation and metabolism, improves immunity

Main ingredient

Wheat, oats, tortillas, wheat bran, beans, sunflower seed meal, corn, carrot cuts, corn flakes, alfalfa, palm kernel flakes, bean flakes, white sunflower seeds, peanuts, beet pulp, barley, molasses, sodium Chloride, vitamins, calcium carbonate, papaya, pineapple, cantaloupe, mango, guava, kiwi, strawberry, sucrose, citric acid, sodium metabisulfite.


Vitamin A 4248 IE/kg, Vitamin D3 663 IE/kg, Vitamin E 14.53 mg/kg, Copper 12.88 mg/kg, Lysine 0.402%, Vitamin C 499 mg/kg,

Iron 75.4 mg/kg, Manganese 14.25 mg/kg, Zinc 44.08 mg/kg, Iodine 0.07 mg/kg, Selenium 0.15 mg/kg.

Nutritional composition and content

Protein 12.47%, crude fiber 8.57%, crude ash 3.73%, fat 5.05%.

Applicable object is recommended to feedAll-year-old guinea pig.

Guinea pig body weight <500g 300-450g 450-600g> 600g

Recommended feeding amount 20g 30g 45g 55g

Preservation method

In order to maintain the highest quality conditions, please store in a cool and dry place and fold the top of the bag.

Net weight and origin

Net weight: 800g ±5%.

Origin: Netherlands.

***【Best before12/11/2021】***

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