PROTECT-A-COAT Oil with Sunscreen– The Ultimate in Maintenance Conditioning

Protect-A-Coat is an oil conditioner that we use to condition and protect the coat and restore elasticity to damaged coats. Protect-A-Coat is also used as a preventative treatment to preserve and protect coats that are in good condition.

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Protect-A-Coat is recommended for conditioning treatments and maintenance grooming: We do not recommend you to use Protect-A-Coat for show grooming, because it can leave the coat oily. Many small long coated dog breeders think the heavier the oil the better. This is a totally wrong concept. It doesn’t do you any good to put your dog down in 30-weight oil and have to remove it with detergent. Not only have you removed the oil, you put on, but you’re also removing the dog’s natural oils as well. Protect-A-Coat is made from the finest oils, and can be removed with one pH balance shampoo (our Summerwinds Shine-Onnn, Take-A-Hike or Stop-N-Itch Shampoos are pH balanced to the dogs 6.5pH).

We recommend using anywhere from one tablespoon, to as much as a cup of Protect-A-Coat according to how much coat the dog has (both in length and volume); what type (silky, cotton, coarse or normal); texture (straight or curly) what size the dog is and the environment he/she lives in (i.e., dirt, concrete, grass or in the house). There is no set formula; you’ll have to experiment until you find the perfect dilution ratio for each dog. Protect-A-Coat does not come off on your furniture or rugs. It will however, leave an oily appearance on the dog’s coats if applied heavily.

This is what we suggest and we do on our Afghans that are in full specials coat that we are campaigning. We bathe them twice a week, once on Mondays after showing (or not showing), a fast shampoo – (we have recycling tubs) — however you bathe, rinse out shampoo with clear water. Then add our Fine-L-Shine Crème Rinse and Protect-A-Coat together and apply to the dog’s long coat (making sure we have not missed any areas, this can cause matting if you have an oily coat next to dry coat) if you bathe in a regular bath tub have the dog lay down and soak in the Fine-L-Shine and Protect-A-Coat, bucketing it over and over until it’s thoroughly saturated through the coat. Then do not rinse out, squeeze excess moisture out of the coat and towel dry.

There are two reasons we add our Fine-L-Shine to the Protect-A-Coat when putting them down in oil. 1) Fine-L-Shine has a human medicated skin cream base with antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. It is formulated for all types of coats, especially effective on dry, dull or damaged coats caused by the drying effects of the sun, harsh shampoos and blow-drying. It also helps to heal and condition their skin. 2) Fine-L-Shine restores the coat and skin’s pH balance. Hair and skin are acid, and do not like to be in an alkaline state. All shampoos are made up of alkaline, no matter how mild or fine the shampoo.

Now, we prefer to brush and comb out the coat while it is damp. Some people prefer to dry the coat before brushing. We realize when the coat is wet, it’s in a more fragile state, so we are very careful not to pull and stretch the coat any more than we have to, especially if we need to remove any matting. When the coat is damp, we can see every mat, and we feel, it’s a more thorough way of grooming. Then we let the dog dry, if it’s for a maintenance groom, we don’t use the blow drier, we either air dry, box or crate dry. After the dog is thoroughly dry we totally brush and comb through the dog’s coat with a steel comb to double-check for any missed matted areas. The ears are wrapped, and they are left wrapped until the next bath.

Then in 3 to 4 days, we re-bathe them and take them out of the oil by shampooing, rinsing and crème rinsing, then rinse cream rinse out with clear water. Towel-dry the coat and comb out any mats, then blow dry coat if this is for a show groom. For maintenance grooming we do not blow out the coat because of the fact that extreme heat from blow dyers is very damaging to the coat. We prefer to again air dry, box or crate dry, this is less damaging than blow-drying the coat if they are not being shown.

This way, the dog is in and out of oil each week to give the coat and skin a chance to breath. By doing this method, you shouldn’t have any trouble with matting. The coat is reconditioned once every week to combat all the dry brushing and topical sprays applied for show grooming.




1. Shake well before using, shampoo animal, rinse

2. Fill tub to the top of dog’s hock with water, add 3/4 to 1 cup of Protect-A-Coat. Immerse the dog and scoop water with Protect-A-Coat over back, head and ears, let soak about 10 mins.

3. Stand dog up, towel dry (DO not rinse). Comb and brush carefully through hair, then dry

Protect-A-Coat can also be applied with spray bottle diluted with water. Spray on coats after showing to protect coat until next bath.

To remove Protect-A-Coat:

1. Use Shine-Onnn or a mild shampoo (preferably 6.5pH balanced).

You may need to shampoo twice according to how much Protect-A-Coat is used on the animal.

Do not use harsh detergent to remove Protect-A-Coat.

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