NISSHIN-PET - JP Kittens High Energy Nutrition Milk Powder - 420g

・Applicable to lactating kittens from 20 to 60 days after birth.

・Applicable to prenatal and postpartum, loss of appetite cats.

・High-calorie formula for kittens, rich in active probiotics, calcium and vitamin E.

・Easily soluble in hot water, can adjust the consistency by yourself.

***【Expiry date:5/4/2020】***

Country of Origin: Japan

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・Please store the product in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight, and eat it as soon as possible after opening.

Raw materials:
milk, skim milk powder, flour, wheat embryo, whole egg powder, active bacteria, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.), vitamins (ADEKB1B2B6B12, etc.), folic acid, Taurine.

Nutrient content:
Crude protein > 33%
Crude fat > 16%
Crude fiber < 5%
Crude ash < 9%
Moisture < 10%
Calorie 390kcal/100g


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