FRONTLINE Plus for Cats & Kittens 8 Weeks or Older -3 applicators (Thailand version)

  • 應用於貓及小貓 (8 週或以上)
  • 殺滅貓虱、其卵、幼蟲及蜱 (壁蝨) 等
  • 對跳蚤、蜱蟲、其卵和幼蟲採取強硬措施

FRONTLINE Plus 含有 2 種強效殺戮成分。第一,Fipronil,殺死成年跳蚤和蜱。第二,(S)-methoprene,攻擊跳蚤卵和幼蟲。它們共同努力殺死跳蚤、蜱蟲、其卵和幼蟲整個月。此外,它打破了跳蚤的生命週期。通過摧毀下一代跳蚤卵和幼蟲,FRONTLINE Plus 可以幫助防止跳蚤對寵物的侵擾。

向你的獸醫詢問 FRONTLINE Plus 的跳蚤和蜱蟲保護。




防止所有跳蚤階段 (卵、幼蟲、蛹) 發育



提供強大的殺戮力量整整 30 天

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Enduring killing

  • In a recent study, it was shown that the powerful ingredients of FRONTLINE Plus can kill adult fleas*1 within 12 hours of application. Then, they break the flea's life cycle by destroying the next generation of fleas.
  • Its long-lasting formula is stored in the oil glands of pet skin and provides uninterrupted flea and tick protection for a full 30 days.

Veterinarian recommends *2 FRONTLINE Plus to help protect your pet. FRONTLINE Plus can:

  • Kill adult fleas and ticks
  • Expel flea eggs and larvae
  • Prevents the development of all flea stages (eggs, larvae, pupae)

Lasts 30 days

1. Everett WR, Gross SJ, Tanner PA, Carithers DS. Evaluation of FRONTLINE Plus (Fipronil + (S)-methoprene for Rdl-homozygous in dogs at 12, 18 and 24 hours after treatment and subsequent weekly infections) ) The immediate and residual speed. Intern J Appl Vet Med. 2011;9 (2):119-122.

2. Merial file data.


  • (Fipronil): 10% w/v
  • (fipronil): 9.8% w/v
  • ((S)-Methoprene): 12% w/v
  • ((s-methoprene): 11.8% w/w


  • Each tube contains 0.5 ml of liquid medicine, and each box contains 3 tubes


  • Break the tube outwards at the demarcation of the medicine tube, then place the broken tube on the skin between the shoulders of a cat or kitten (eight weeks old or older), squeeze all the liquid in the tube and drop it into one Place
  • Avoid applying liquid medicine to the hair
  • Use once a month, one tube at a time
  • No more drops within 30 days
  • Do not use kittens less than 8 weeks old


  • Avoid contact with children, prevent food and water
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke during use
  • Only for external use, only for the treatment of poultry and livestock
  • Do not store above 25°C

***【Use period: 01/2022】***

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